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Friday, August 7, 2009

The Best Is Yet To Come

Happy Birthday Robb!

Friends set us up on a blind date April 4, 2002. I remember the day because that Christmas Robb gave me a shadow box frame; in it he had our initials in painted wood letters and a page from a little calendar, a heart circled April, 4th. We married September 27, 2003. We welcomed son Matthew into the world May 24, 2005.

Dates mark the passage of time; guideposts along the winding roads of the world. What a blessing to walk the road with a husband like Robb. A list of reasons why I love him overflows from my heart but on this day I celebrate his gift to encourage others.

I attended She Speaks this weekend, a writing and speaking conference in Charlotte, North Carolina. I had no worries while I was away; I knew he had everything under control. Text messages and phone calls cheered me on and lifted me up when I felt nervous or discouraged. Meetings with publishers, agents and speaking in front of groups of people played with my emotions. His steadfast belief in me kept me going.

When I arrived home from the conference I walked into our house and saw a bucket of champagne on ice, two lovely glasses and a card. All weekend I thought of ways to thank him for his support yet he greeted me with more.

The card read: You are fabulous, if you ever forget that, please read this again.
He wrote: Welcome Home! You are terrific – wife, mom, friend & writer! Glad to hear you had a great conference. The best is yet to come. Love Robb

Yes, the best is yet to come. In the end, getting published or speaking in front of others pales in comparison to being loved. I may never hold a published book in my hand but if his hand is in mine then indeed, the best has come.

I Love You,


Mary DeMuth said...

So sweeeet!

Anonymous said...

Loved your story..thanks for sharing a snapshot of your life with us! You remind all of us the importance of what really matters in life. :) Nina