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What is there to tell about your life?

I’ll tell you what there is to tell about mine; everything. Please don’t panic and click the back arrow. My intent is not to share every boring or gory detail. Rather, I long to reveal both the mundane and miraculous aspects of my life in which God shows up and reminds me that He is my everything. And, everything He does is worth telling.

Please browse around and join the conversation. I’m excited we can begin this storytelling journey together. I hope you are too.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Welcome to My New Blog!

Let me tell you something; butterflies flutter in my belly. Yes, it’s true. Right now as I write, I imagine you reading. I think; what do I have to tell that you want to hear?

I hope we spend enough time together to find out.

I worked in the public relations industry for 20 years writing and speaking about topics important to other people, corporations and causes. Now I turn my attention to the significant stories around me.

If you join me on this storytelling journey I’ll introduce you to my teenager and toddler. You can imagine a teenager and a toddler provide much content on the adventure of parenting! I should mention I have a wonderful husband and two cute dogs – not to throw my husband into the mix with them because he certainly deserves at least a sentence or two but that will have to wait.

I’m so glad you are here and feel humbled that you would consider traveling this storytelling road with me. I live to tell about my life in hopes that someone may live to hear about it and be blessed. I aspire to hear you say, “Wow, I can relate to that!”

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think of my new Web site.

With joy and thankfulness,