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Monday, July 13, 2009

Counting blessings not years!

Why do we usually wait until something bad or tragic happens to ‘count our blessings’? What if we counted them in the good times too?

Today I celebrate my birthday and I’m pretty sure it’s the last year I want to be counting in years so, I’ve decided to start counting my birthday in blessings. I know my list has more blessings than years and I hope that will make me feel younger, (I’d consider it a birthday bonus if it makes me look younger too but I’m not sure blessings can reverse the signs of aging; I think that falls under the miracle category!).

So, where do my blessings begin?
1. For a start, I woke up this morning. The first words I heard were my husband saying, “Happy Birthday!”
2. My Facebook page is quickly filling up with birthday wishes and the phone is ringing with the voices of friends near and far.
3. What about the big stuff? Health and happiness … I have those in full measure.
4. To love and be loved in return … I do, I am.

I know my list is much longer but if I keep sharing I’m afraid you’d discern my age!

My birthday wish is for everyday to start like this day … counting my blessings instead of the items on my ‘to do’ list. Now I have to go blow out my candles so my wish can come true.

Sweet blessings to you too,